About Us

Frisco Taekwondo America is part of the national organization Taekwondo America.

About Taekwondo America

Taekwondo America (TA) is a national organization with numerous successful schools across the United States. All TA schools adhere to the same guidelines and procedures ensuring the high standards by which we teach, promote students in rank, and project our image and reputation within the community remain consistent from school to school.

The TA National Board of Examiners has developed and certified a comprehensive training and fitness program for our students to follow. This enables children and adults to progress at their own pace and ensures that we are able to meet the needs of all students.

Over the years, TA has established a reputation built upon our standard of excellence. Accordingly, we do not allow any negative, aggressive behavior, or any misuse of Taekwondo in any manner.

Taekwondo America schools compete exclusively in tournaments sponsored by the national organization. TA sponsors several regional and national tournaments throughout the year and invites all enrolled students to participate in these events.  To read more about our organization, please visit their website, www.taekwondoamerica.org.


About the Owner

Marai Jimenez

4th degree Senior Black Belt

Level 4 Instructor

Ms. Marai Jimenez has over 16 years of martial arts experience; and has been training with Taekwondo America for 10+ years! She started her journey in Taekwondo back when she was 7 years old in Charlotte, NC . She continued training until she moved to Frisco, Texas. Then in 2008, her parents brought her to a Taekwondo school in Blacksburg, VA, and she fell in love with martial arts once again. She trained with Mr. Abbott for 3 years, but eventually moved back to Frisco, TX. She continued her training with Mr. Lacy, but after graduating from Lone Star High School, she went off to college at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!). She continued to train with Mr. Tonete in Virgina, but after finishing her undergraduate degree in Psychology, she decided Texas was calling her back. She moved back to Frisco, became the manager at Mr. Lacy’s school, and eventually bought the school from Mr. Lacy. She absolutely loves her job and seeing her leadership team grow. Ms. Jimenez has her eyes set on achieving 9th degree Black Belt, and is currently training for her next testing in September 2019! She’s always willing to help and loves seeing people achieve so many milestones throughout their personal journey’s! (Tambien habla español)