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Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

Kids martial arts is awesome. You should click this link to learn more about how awesome it is. Super awesome!


Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts

Adult martial arts is awesome. You should click this link to learn more about how awesome it is. Super awesome!


Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are awesome. You should click this link to learn more about how awesome they are. Super awesome!



We are full time martial arts schools unlike any other. At Frisco Taekwondo America you will learn traditional Taekwondo, aka Korean Karate from highly skilled, unique professionals with many years of experience. As well as learning an ancient martial art, you will also benefit from high-energy workouts and fun programs. We have exciting Martial Arts programs for children, teens, and adults!

We teach so much more than “just” excellent martial arts skills and helping kids, teens and adults feel safer and be better able to defend themselves. Our goal is to also help students develop confidence as we instill the life-long and life-changing character traits of respect, focus, self-discipline, being kind and learning to persevere toward a goal even when facing obstacles and challenges.
We believe good manners and “effort equals results” never goes out of style.

In today’s world kids (and teens & adults) need an encouraging and motivating atmosphere with consistent immediate age-appropriate consequences and rewards, and achievable yet challenging goals. We don’t lower expectations and make things easy  we equip our students to persevere, step up to challenges and work toward success!

Love Lacy’s & it’s family environment. Great teachers & the kids have a great time.

Theresa Teale Curtis, Facebook

Me and my three kids were looking for an activity that we could do together. A friend recommended Lacy’s!! They have family lessons as well as teens/adults lessons, which really helps when we have schedule conflicts.

What I value is that the staff at Lacy’s instill discipline, but at the same time having fun. This is not a place where you turn up to enough lessons, you will get your next belt – you have to EARN it!

In summary a great place to learn Taekwondo, increase your fitness, stamina and have fun!!

Stewart Edwards, Google

I tried several martial arts places before deciding where I wanted my kids to learn self-defense. I chose LACY’s Taekwondo because I loved their teaching methods. From the first class I noticed how good their instructors were at keeping a balance with their kids lessons. They keep things fun and make every student work hard to reach their potential. Every class is different and provides challenges for every level. Their instructors are not only engaging but also, energetic, fun, respectful and are very, very good with names.

When your child is ready for sparring, it is done in small groups and supervised closely to make sure that kicks and punches are more precise and controlled rather than strong.

I love the idea that students can become instructors if they wish so in the future once they have reached their black belt. The idea that your teenager kids can experience leadership and great sense of responsibility towards others, gave me something to think about for my daughter’ s future.

Lacy’s TKD does not require you to sign a contract. You pay on a monthly basis so if you are there it is because you want to be there, not because you are locked into a contract.
This place provides a very positive environment. We are very happy with it and we are glad to see how much our kids enjoy it.

Allyson Chang-Ganje, Google